Thursday, 11 February 2016

SciFest@Wesley: the winners!

The winners , chosen by our chief judge Ms Wallace, have been announced!

In first place was the project on " Does our use of technology affect our learning". This project included some excellent experiments to test the hypothesis and the reuslts were very well presented and analysed. The overall runner-up was on "Stardust and Satellites" and was particularly praised for the skilled design and construction of the equipment used.

There was also a prize for the best Prep Class project on "Biogases",which studied the different gases given off by various types of household wastes.

There were some great prizes( thanks to the SciFest organisers) and the 150 plus students who took part also enjoyed their wristbands and pens!

Here are some photos of the prizewinners with their teachers and Ms Wallace and also some photos of the investigation work in the labs.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

SciFest awards 2016

Well done to everyone who took part in SciFest .
More details to follow shortly on the winning projects!

Monday, 8 February 2016

SciFest@College; deadline approaching!

Welsey's Prep and Year 1 classes have been competing in SciFest@School over the past two weeks.
Winners will be announced shortly!

The deadline for groups who are interested in applying to compete at the next level, SciFest@College, is FRIDAY MARCH 11th. Students will need to talk to their teachers soon about their ideas.

You can find out more about SciFest 2016 by clicking on the
logo below.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Aquatic and Biodiversity Competition: a Wesley Winner!

Streamscapes is a national  project to encourage the development of water and wildlife awareness.

Last December they ran a "Farming and Biodiversity" competition and Christopher Merton from Wesley was one of the winners.

His winning image is below, showing the reed bed filtration system  at Airfield. You can also see the other winnners by clicking on the Streamscapes logo below.

Cocker Prize for Biology 2015

Here is the Winning Cocker Prize for Biology Essay from 2015.
It was written by Isabelle Deladienne and deals  with the beneficial effects of bee stings!
Want to see? Then click on the bee.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Walton Physics Prize Winner 2015

Here is a link to the Walton Physics Prize winner from last year.

It was written by Luke Corish and was on the subject of pulsars. These are incredibly dense, spinning stars that send out pulses of energy that can be detected in telescopes here on Earth.

Click the image to read more:

Walton and Cocker competition launch 2016

Year 5 Science students are invited to  submit essays on their chosen topics for this year Walton and Cocker competitions.
There is an added feature this year: presentations about the projects will also be given

Click the link below to see the rules and information:

We will be posting links to last years' winning essays over the next few days.